Book Clubs

The following questions are designed to facilitate discussions regarding Tiresias.

  • Contrasts and conflicts are recurring themes throughout the story. Beyond Samuel and Ella's explicit precision with words, of what importance are dichotomies such as those between the direction of the flight of birds, the caduceus v. the rod of Asclepius, swifts v. swallows, Greeks v. Romans, and men v. women?
  • The characters reference the differences between being blinded by light or darkness, and love or hate. Is it your opinion that these are real or false dichotomies?
  • Discuss the significance of any of the following to the story: hyacinths, constellations and the moon, underground spaces, or ambient sound.
  • Personification of statues plays an important role in the main characters' lives. In what ways are Guglielmo and the Talos related, and how does that relationship reflect the one between Ella and Europe?